Batoo is above all a desire to change things...

We are proud of our journey thus far, and we look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers while upholding our mission and values.
About Us

Batoo, a family story

Batoo is above all a want to change things...

Founded by a couple of young parents: Jamal, EPFL engineer, specialized in energy transition with solid experience in supply chain management and above all, father of a family. When his second child was born, it became clear to him that things had to change, that he had to act on his own scale to offer a better world to his children. Passionate about bicycles, he decided to found Batoo, a brand which aims to make cargo bikes accessible to everyone to replace cars in the city. At his side, Sonia, once she completed her master's degree and after several experiences at the head of humanitarian organizations and in international cooperation, wanted to create an ethical and sustainable company. At Batoo, a point of honor is placed on safety and the choice of materials. We designed the cargo ship we would have liked to find on the market.

Batoo, a committed brand

Batoo donates part of the profit to a Lausanne association helping people in precarious situations. Batoo also supports an association which develops humanitarian projects in Africa in order to make schools more accessible by bicycle for children. It's a drop in the ocean, but at Batoo we are more hummingbirds than Tatou.

More than 10 partners present in German and French-speaking Switzerland

Sav and Test partners throughout Switzerland.
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Batoo, a dedicated brand

Batoo aims to offer the best bikes suitable for the Swiss market. We are committed to promoting local development by collaborating with local partners for testing, assembly and after-sales service, thus strengthening the economic fabric of our region, while avoiding big brands.

40% cheaper than an equivalent bike

Stunning performance

Safety is our main concern at Batoo


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We have successfully served and satisfied over 200 customers for their transportation needs.

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We prioritize understanding and meeting the needs of our customers.
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We ensure that our customers receive their bikes as quickly as possible.