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$0 terms and conditions for financing

The following general conditions apply only if the customer subscribes to a payment in monthly installments:

1. Conclusion of the contract

The customer accepts the online offer offered by the SELLER as part of the application process as well as these GTC as an integral part of the contract, through the electronic confirmation of the payment plan and the global acceptance of the GTC. A contract concluded online is thus established. The electronic confirmation of the conclusion of the contract replaces the physical signature or the electronic signature and is legally valid and binding, like the signing of a contractual document.

If a contract is concluded, the payment plan is sent to the customer in good time at the email address specified in the payment process. The payment plan shows the amount of the claim.

2. Assignment of claims

The SELLER hereby assigns and transfers the claim resulting from the financing contract with all rights and obligations towards the customer to bob Finance, branch of Valora Schweiz AG, Hardturmstrasse 161, Hardturmstrasse 161, 8005 Zurich, 8005 Zurich (hereinafter “BOB”). The customer acknowledges that he owes the amount of the debt to BOB.

3. Correspondence and data transmission

a) Communications from the SELLER or BOB are deemed notified when they have been sent to the last postal or electronic address indicated by the customer.

b) The customer accepts that all correspondence between him and the SELLER or BOB may be sent by email as well as by post. Correspondence is binding in all cases. The customer bears any damage caused by the use of the types of transmission listed above if the SELLER or BOB has applied the usual care in business.

4. Information

The customer authorizes the SELLER and BOB to obtain all the information necessary for the conclusion or execution of the financing contract from public and private organizations, as well as from the Credit Information Center (ZEK). Any data blockages ordered by the customer are considered to have been removed with respect to the SELLER and BOB. In addition, the customer authorizes the SELLER and BOB to notify the financing contract to ZEK and, if required by law, to other organizations.

5. Address and name changes

a) The customer is required to inform the SELLER and BOB immediately and in writing of any change in name or address (including changes in email address and mobile phone number). Communications to BOB should be sent to the following address:

bob Finance, branch of Valora Schweiz AG
Hardturmstrasse 161
8005 Zurich

b) If the SELLER or BOB incurs costs for finding the address, they may charge these costs to the customer. The cost for an address search is CHF 50.

c) If the customer moves abroad, the financing contract must be fully reimbursed before leaving the country.

6. Deadline/delay

Monthly payments are due on 1Er of the month for which they must be paid. The deadline of the 1re installment is shown in the payment plan. The customer is in default of payment as of 1Er day following the due date. In the event of late payment, BOB is entitled to put the customer on notice with the invoicing of reminder fees, and to instruct a debt collection institution to collect the debt in order to protect its interests. The customer is informed as soon as the payment terms communicated to him change. The deadlines and the amounts of the monthly payments remain unchanged in the event of a complaint concerning the products or damage to the device. In the event of reimbursement by the SELLER or by a third party, this reimbursement is made regardless of this financing contract.

After payment of the last monthly payment, the customer receives confirmation from BOB that the debt has been fully repaid.

7. Fresh

Any prosecution costs are also borne by the customer. Other costs and expenses that are beyond the sphere of influence of the SELLER or BOB are also re-invoiced to the customer in accordance with the principle of causality. In the event of late payment and transfer of the claim to a debt collection institution, the latter is entitled to charge processing fees to the customer.

8. Reminder fees

The reminder fee for late payment of monthly payments is CHF 20 for 1Er Reminder, CHF 25 for the 2E reminder and CHF 30 for the 3E reminder. The monthly payment deadlines are defined by the payment plan.

9. Early execution

At its request, the customer has the option of carrying out early performance of its obligations under the financing contract and paying the remaining sale price in one go.

10. General conditions and other conditions

a) BOB is entitled to change the General Terms and Conditions of the Financing Agreement at any time by means of a circular or in another appropriate manner. Changes are considered accepted if BOB does not receive a written objection from the customer within one month (30 days) of sending the message.

b) The invalidity of certain contractual provisions does not affect the validity or the binding nature of the other provisions.

11. Cancellation

The customer may cancel the financing contract within the cancellation period provided by the SELLER. The cancellation of the financing contract can only take place in accordance with the conditions provided for in the SELLER's GTC. In the event of acceptance of the customer's request for termination by the SELLER, the latter cancels the financing contract with BOB. The customer then receives a cancellation confirmation from BOB. If monthly payments have already been paid, they will be refunded.

12. Compensation and transfer by the customer

The customer is not entitled to offset any claims against his obligations towards the SELLER or BOB. This prohibition of compensation also applies in the event of bankruptcy or receivership proceedings by the SELLER or BOB. The customer may not assign claims against BOB to a third party.

13. Transfer and transfer by the SELLER

a) The customer accepts that the SELLER may transfer or assign the financing contract in its entirety, including all individual rights and obligations, as well as the rights and guarantees arising from it, to BOB and/or to third parties in Switzerland and abroad (for collection purposes, subcontracting, etc.).

14. Customer inquiries

The SELLER remains primarily responsible for customer requests concerning the purchase of products (in particular for requests concerning shipping and delivery times, as well as for returns). BOB is responsible for billing/financing inquiries only.

15. Data processing

The SELLER and BOB process the customer's personal data in accordance with the BOB data protection declaration that the customer became aware of as part of the application process and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. The processing of personal data by BOB and the possible communication of the customer's personal data to third parties in Switzerland and abroad, for and in connection with the execution of the contract, are carried out for the following purposes: identity verification, credit check, customer advice, customer advice, customer advice, debt collection services, debt collection services, services for computer security and system control and, with your consent, marketing activities (e.g. direct advertising and newsletters). The current version of the BOB data protection statement can be viewed hither.

16. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The financing contract is governed by Swiss law. Unless otherwise required by law, the place of jurisdiction in the event of a dispute related to this financing contract is at the SELLER's seat.

17. Final provisions

In the event of ambiguities and/or contradictions between German, French, English and/or Italian texts, only the German text is authentic.