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The Colibri is an urban electric cargo bike, designed to perfectly meet the needs of families. With a load capacity of 160 kg, it is perfect for transporting children, groceries or heavy loads.


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Batoo is above all a
want to change things...

Founded by a couple of young parents: Jamal, an EPFL engineer, specialized in energy transition with a solid experience in the management of supply chains and above all, father of a family. When his second child was born, it became obvious to him that things needed to change, that he had to act at his own level to offer a better world to his children. Passionate about bikes, he decided to found Batoo, a brand that aims to make cargo bikes accessible to everyone to replace cars in the city. At his side, Sonia, once she had her master's degree and after several experiences at the head of humanitarian organizations and in international cooperation, wanted to create an ethical and sustainable company. At Batoo, a point of honor is placed on safety and the choice of materials. We designed the cargo ship that we would have liked to find on the market.

Frequently asked


Everything you need to know as the new owner of The Colibri.

Is the Colibri electric cargo bike under warranty?

Yes, by default, a 2-year warranty is offered on our electric cargo bikes. If you take out insurance, the warranty is extended for an additional 2 years, i.e. 4 years in total.

What happens if your bike breaks down?

You must contact our after-sales service as soon as possible in the event of a failure at +41 21 588 02 15 or by email at sav@batoobike.ch. Our service will be able to best guide you according to the situation, the nature of the failure and your insurance.

What does the Colibri bike warranty cover?

Manufacturing defects: the warranty covers manufacturing defects in the electric cargo bike, including electrical and mechanical components supplied by the manufacturer.

The battery: the warranty covers the electric cargo bike battery against manufacturing defects that abnormally affect its performance and durability.

The frame: the warranty covers the electric cargo bike frame against manufacturing defects that compromise its structural strength.

What is not covered by the standard warranty?

Normal wear and tear: the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear resulting from the regular use of the electric cargo bike, in particular for wear parts (cables and derailleur housings, brake cable and sheath, transmission elements, lubricants, rims, brake pads, rims, brake pads, light bulbs, tires and tubes, saddles, the drop in normal battery performance related to use).

Accidental or intentional damage: The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse, neglect, unauthorized modification, acts of vandalism, or other intentional damage.

Improper use: The warranty does not cover damage caused by using the electric cargo bike that is not in accordance with the instructions in the manual, in particular with regard to load limits, conditions of use, and recommended maintenance.

Unauthorized repairs: the warranty may be voided if repairs or modifications are made to the electric cargo bike by someone other than Batoo Sarl or an authorized service center.

How does Batoo set up warranty service?

For all damages covered by the warranty, Batoo is committed to:
Repair the part/bike.
Replace the part if repair is not possible.
If the condition of the e-bike is deplorable or not maintained, Batoo reserves the right not to carry out repairs.
Batoo covers labor costs for warranty-related services at authorized service points.
If the customer wishes to use a home service as part of a warranty case, the technician's travel expenses are at his expense.

Batoo SARL reserves the right to inspect the electric cargo bike to assess the validity of the claim and determine appropriate corrective actions.

If the bike is not covered by the warranty, you will be notified of the reason and the estimated repair costs

How do I claim my insurance?

You must contact our after-sales service as soon as possible (at most 24 hours later) in the event of an incident at +41 21 588 02 15 or by email at sav@batoobike.ch. Our service will be able to guide you in the best possible way according to the situation. In case of emergency, please contact the support service: +800 8001 8003

First service

If the first service is offered by Batoo, it must be carried out after 300 km or at the latest 3 months after the purchase of the bike at an authorized service center. Any additional maintenance costs (change of pads, chain, etc.) are borne by the customer.